Thursday, January 7, 2010

The next Random recipe

Dinner Pasta Bake

1 box Penne pasta cooked
Any kind of red sauce you like homemade or Jar sauce
Mozzarella cheese and a sharp cheddar about 1 and 1/2 cups of each
1 lb ground beef or sausage

Cook ground beef drain and add to red sauce on stove top
cook pasta
layer sauce and meat mixture with cheese then pasta
repeat till dish is full
top with remaining cheese
place in 350 oven for about 20 minutes

easy quick and something most kids will eat
Add a salad or vegetable to go alongside and dinner is served

I also made cheddar garlic biscuits to go with it


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Recipes

For those of you who don't know me well. I LOVE to COOK! I love kitchen gadgets, I love baking especially!! So instead of writing all random thoughts that run around in my head. I decided maybe this blog posting can be useful to others and I would start posting random recipes. so if anyone wants to cook something new or likes something I make they can have the recipes. Here is the first installment. this was tonight dessert at my house. I changed up the usual crust tonight because this is what I had around my house. I do that a lot make things with what I have.

12 chocolate cream sandwich cookies crushed up (in other words chocolate stuffed oreos)
2 tbsp butter melted

Take 1 tbsp melted butter and brush in inside of a 8 inch round pie plate or cake pan
Press cookie crumbs in pie plate
Brush remaining 1tbsp butter over top of crumbs
Bake at 200 for 10 minutes
Allow crust to cool

Mix together the following ingredients

1 8oz package softened cream cheese
1 cup creamy or crunchy peanut butter
8 0z thawed cool whip
1 cup powdered sugar

Pour into cooled pie crust and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours

Serve with a big glass of Ice Cold Milk! It will definitely make your men folk smile!

I recommend NOT using fat free ingredients as they do not set up well together and your pie turns into soup.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aint got much to say!

Highlights of the past months

  • Kids started school 2nd, 4th and 6th grades
  • Been to a Ole Miss game this year and the Rebels won. Hooray!!
  • Going to Disney Nov 20th-26th
  • Only one of us has had the "Piggy Flu" Thank goodness
  • Dad is doing very well PTL
  • Church is AWESOME! we have a wonderful new pastor!
  • MOST importantly GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a Few Pictures!!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Nose Knows

I have a very acute sense of smell. And I am very aware of all the smells around me. I pick my shampoo, cleaning agents, soaps, and laundry detergent based mostly on smell. Yes of course they have to work but, even if something works well and smells awful I have a hard time using the product. I also make sure my kids smell good everyday as they leave the house for school or church. WHY you ask??? Well before I went to college I worked in a daycare. You can only imagine what kind of smells are in a place like that. But everyday this little boy would come in my two year old class room and to say he was a hand full was an understatement. But, everyone loved him no matter what, and why????? Well he smelled good. We fought over who got to hold him and all wanted him to sit on our lap. His mom wore eternity perfume and held him every morning before she left him or his dad who wore Polo Cologne dropped him off and he would smell like dad. No matter what I decided from then on if something smells good no matter how bad it is, it makes it easier to take. So to help my kids find "favor" with others and to maybe make the bad easier to take I help them smell good. Also I equate good smells with cleanliness. which if you know me I enjoy cleanliness! So if it smells good I'm all about it. And even Disney agrees with me. It enhances some of the rides with smells to make the experience more enjoyable and memorable. Smells can take you back in time and evoke very powerful emotions. I would say this is a gift and sometimes it it and others it is a curse as you can well imaigine. My son has this gift also, he smelled a teacher in a huge store 10 minutes before we ever ran into her. He kept telling me he smelled her long before we saw her. He loved her so much and was so glad when we finally saw her. He connected her with how she smelled. So if it smells good, send it my way. The nose Knows!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inspired Thoughts!

Junebug has inspired me to share a few of my thoughts on several subjects. First I also like many of you am a night owl, I love a quiet house and being alone with my thoughts. I like being able to channel surf without any suggestions on where to stop and being able to hear all the dialogue on the television show I am watching. I also like knowing in those few moments I am in control of the whole house. I know where everyone is, what they are doing and I feel peaceful knowing those things. (Strange I know)

Next my favorite day of the week is Thursday I like knowing the weekend is coming and I can look forward to a night of some of my favorite shows. It is a night I usually cook a comfort food meal I don't know why? and I still can see all the possibilities of what could happen over the weekend. Somehow when Friday rolls around all my dreams on Thursday have been changed and it usually looks like the weekend will be busier than I hoped for.

Junebug has also inspired me to read more fictional books. I love to watch her passion as she shares a story line she has just gotten in the middle of . or how she and BB can discuss intelligently a book they are both reading and how differently they see the plot and story line going. I also realized that I do very few things for myself I grew up in a home where we were always taking care of someone else so self sacrifice was a way of life not just an occasional thing. I want t live a long life and I think if i relax a little more and let go of some things maybe I wont have a heart attack by the time I am 40?!?

Lastly I am truly blessed by all of my friendships and want all of you to know each of you inspire me in different ways. "As iron sharpens iron" You my friends take the cake! OHHH cake!!!!!! Anyone want to come to my house? I'll bake a cake and we can sit and relax and eat and read and stay up very late?????

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine memories

I remember as a kid spending a ton of time on my valentines and my very special valentine box. Iremember putting white dollies on the box that was covered in red construction paper. And cutting out and white hearts in all sizes to place all around the box even the bottom. Do you remember picking out what valentine went to what kid. especially what boy. If it was a boy you did not like is would be a neutral one and if it was a boy you did like it would be one that said B MINE or UR SO CUTE. I had a male 6th grade teacher who I loved not had a crush on loved just loved. I spent hours trying to come up with a gift for Mr. Crane that would tell him just how much I loved that he was my teacher. I cannot remember what I ended up giving him but, I do remember his big smile when he got it. He also gave me a hug and told me Thank You Very much I will treasure this. This is one of the first years since my kids have been in school that one of them has had to make a valentine box. And of course it is the boy so.... We wrapped it in red contraction paper and cut out white hearts to go on it . We used some scrapbook letters to put his name in red on the top and put cars and Hershey kisses on it. He really is proud of it. The oldest spent at least an hour picking which cards went to who at school and church but did not really want to give one to her teacher. The little girl got tired of writing her name after just a few and wanted to just write her initials M.E.. I told her she had to write her whole name on her ones for school but the ones she sent to nanny and papa and grandpa she could do as she wanted. So she did.
Happy Valentines to all ,
T.H, K.H., A.H., J.H. and M.E..
R U 2 CUTE!!!!